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EU resumes aid to Palestinian Authority

EU resumes aid to Palestinian Authority
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Bolstered by international support, the new Palestinian government has held its first ministerial meeting in Ramallah.

Chaired by new premier Salam Fayyad, the cabinet vowed to exert its authority over all the entire Palestinian Authority, including the Gaza Strip, controlled by Hamas which refuses to recognise the new government.

“The government will pursue its jurisdiction over all parts of the homeland, regardless of what happened in Gaza,” said Information minister Riyad al-Malki.

It is unclear how much influence President Mahmoud Abbas’ government can have over Gaza which has been at the hands of Hamas since interfactional fighting last week ended in defeat for Abbas’ Fatah.

Meanwhile, a growing number of Palestinians are trying to flee Gaza where the humanitarian situation is getting worse by the day.

Israel has blocked all goods entering Gaza and stepped up border controls in a bid to isolate Hamas.

The new Palestinian government in the West Bank however has been given a boost with a decision by the EU to resume direct aid to the Palestinian Authority ending its 15-month aid embargo following Hamas’s election victory.