Spain's main parties close ranks to resist ETA

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Spain's main parties close ranks to resist ETA

Spain's main parties close ranks to resist ETA
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In a show of unity the leaders of Spain’s two main political parties have agreed to work together to defeat ETA’s campaign of violence.

Socialist Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodgriguez Zapatero invited conservative leader Mariano Rajoy for talks after the Basque militants ended their ceasefire last week.

Rajoy’s Popular Party had strongly opposed the government’s efforts at dialogue with ETA.

He said he now offered his unconditional support to defeat the terror group.

The government ended contacts with ETA after the Madrid airport bombing that killed two people last December.

Deputy Prime Minister Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega said today’s meeting was a first step towards a greater unity among the big political parties.

ETA formally broke its more than year-long ceasefire on Tuesday, promising to act “on all fronts” in its fight for independence of the Basque Country.

It accused the government of stalling the peace process and oppressing its supporters.

The first evidence of a renewed united front by the
main parties came in a rally at the weekend.

Rajoy indicated he would be pushing the government to take even tougher measures against ETA and its political allies.