German police gear-up for big anti-G8 demo

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German police gear-up for big anti-G8 demo

German police gear-up for big anti-G8 demo
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German security measures for next week’s G8 summit are in the spotlight again.

Police have asked railway staff to report significant groups of travellers heading for the region around Heiligendamm, where world leaders are due to gather.

Security staff have already built a 12 kilometre fence around the site, and police have come under fire for collecting scent samples from some suspected activists.

The region’s interior minister, August Hanning, said
the protection of the guests is most important, but he believes the demonstrators will get the chance to make their point of view heard.

Protestors from all over the world have already begun setting up camp in the village of Reddelich near the summit venue.

The small vanguard is due to be joined by thousands more.

Up to 100,000 are expected to march in Rostock -also close to Heiligendamm – in a demonstration which police believe will be peaceful.

But officers have warned that a hardcore of protestors have already announced their intention to disturb the summit, and police say their demonstrations will be anything but peaceful.