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Sarkozy regroups and plans strategy for June vote

Sarkozy regroups and plans strategy for June vote
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The morning after his election triumph, French President-elect Nicolas Sarkozy, leaves a hotel on the Champs-Elysee, headed for a break after a tough campaign. Aides refused to give away his destination, but he has been seen in Malta, aboard a yacht, with his wife Cecilia and their son. It may be a busman’s holiday. Aides say he will consider the line-up of his Government and plot strategy for parliamentary elections in June.

Sarkozy won convincingly with just over 53 percent of the vote, trouncing Segolene Royal’s 47 percent. But he is counting on his party winning a majority in the National Assembly so he can force through tough political and economic changes.

At Sarkozy’s side at celebrations in Paris, was Francois Fillon, likely to be named as Prime Minister. But in his cabinet of just 15 ministers, Sarkozy is expected to name women to half the posts. Before this however, there is the ceremony of May 16, when the outgoing President, Jacques Chirac, hands over to his successor.

Sarkozy has already convened a staff meeting to prepare for that event. There have been celebrations over his victory in Hungary too, in Alattyan, where the family of the President-elect originated. They fled from here when the country entered the communist bloc. The town’s mayor has sent his congratulations to Sarkozy, saying he hopes the election will strengthen ties between Hungary and France.