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Russians react to death of Boris Yeltsin

Russians react to death of Boris Yeltsin
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People on the streets of Moscow have been giving their reactions to the death of Boris Yeltsin, a man about whom no one seemed to be indifferent. One man said: “He was part of our lives. I am sincerely sorry, from the bottom of my heart. His actions were sometimes controversial but I think he did more good than bad.” Another young man said: “It is sad. He was a good man. He did a lot for Russia, even if he did not always succeed at everything he wanted to do. It is a very sad day.”

Pavel Felgenhauer, a political analyst based in Moscow, said: “Many other people will remember Yeltsin for the time of the unruly 90s, for economic hardships and crises, galloping inflation, for financial crises – oligarchs tearing Russia to pieces. And, of course, Yeltsin initiated the first Chechen war, and actually, the second also began when he was president.”