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Leftist parties say don't vote for Sarkozy

Leftist parties say don't vote for Sarkozy
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Losing left wing candidates have called for electors to vote against Nicolas Sarkozy in the French presidential run-off on May 6th. They were virtually unanimous in their condemnation of the centre rightist.

Jose Bove, an anti-globalisation activist, said he asked voters to beat Sarkozy at the ballot box.

Olivier Besancenot of the Revolutionary Communist League said he had fought against the right for 5 years and hoped the fight would begin anew.

Dominique Voynet of the Greens said she was a victim of a system which led many greens to choose Ségolène Royal, but was unequivocal about how she will vote: “I will back Ségolène Royal in the second round.

Arlette Laguiller of Workers Struggle said she would vote for Segolene Royale and called for voters to choose her in the second round: “I say this,” she said, “without reservations and without illusions. I am with all those who really do not wish to see Sarkozy take power.”

Exit polls show that the majority of French voters support was shared by four leading candidates with minor parties being virtually shut out.