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Hikers' miraculous survival in Amazonian jungle

Hikers' miraculous survival in Amazonian jungle
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Two French hikers have been found alive after going missing seven weeks ago in French Guyana. The men lived off river water, seeds and even turtles. Guilhem Nayral, 34, lost 20 kilos. His companion Loic Pillois, also 34, told of their ordeal. He explained that when they realised they were lost they stopped where they were and waited there for three weeks. “We heard helicopters,” he said. “We thought they had found us. But, after three weeks, we felt better so we started walking again.” They fed on what they could find. “We ate palm seeds,” he added. “We drank water. There was always a river nearby. We washed in it. And we caught insects. We ate frogs and tarantulas.”

The pair had been dropped off near the Approuague River in mid-February and planned to hike to the village of Saül, some 100 kilometres away. But they never made it and a search was launched. Last Thursday, Loic finally found his way back to the village and showed the way to his companion who was too weak to walk.