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British captives arrive back in the UK from Iran

British captives arrive back in the UK from Iran
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The 15 British sailors held for 13 days in Iran have arrived back in the UK. They travelled home business class on a scheduled British Airways flight, accompanied by foreign office officials and British Airways security staff. Before the plane landed they had changed back into their forces uniforms. They were carrying the bag of presents given to them at Tehran airport on behalf of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, apparently containing Iranian pistachio nuts.

After posing for the cameras they moved off to waiting Sea King helicopters to make the two-hour flight to a Royal Marine base in Devon, where their families were waiting impatiently. A hall had been prepared for their reunion.

At the RAF Chivenor base they will be questioned by intelligence officials who will want to know exactly what happened in Tehran, and what pressures they faced to make their televised confessions. Shortly before their plane touched down at Heathrow airport Tony Blair spoke to reporters and insisted no deal had been done to secure their release.