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Release of German terrorist provokes protests

Release of German terrorist provokes protests
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The release of Red Army Faction leader Brigitte Mohnhaupt has provoked a storm of protest in Germany. Conservative leaders and victims’ families, say the 57-year-old former terrorist should never have been freed while showing no remorse for her crimes.

Mohnhaupt was let out of Aichach prison in Bavaria a few days earlier than expected to avoid attention.

Aichach prison director Wolfgang Deuschl said Mohnhaupt wanted to be left in peace.

“I think you have to accept, and also respect, that she wants to be left alone. She says she does not want to go from talk show to talk show, but instead wants to focus on settling down after such a long time of imprisonment,” he said.

But the conservative Premier of Bavaria, Edmund Stoiber, is adamant Mohnhaupt’s 24 years behind bars was not punishment enough.

“I think it is a sign of weakness of the rule of law when somebody who committed multiple murders, and was convicted on multiple life sentences, comes out of prison after 25 years without ever showing remorse,” Stoiber said.

Mohnhaupt, initially imprisoned with Red Army Faction leader Andreas Baader as his supporter, continued his fight against perceived imperialism when she was released.

Her second-generation Red Army, or Baader- Meinhof gang shot dead Chief Federal Prosecutor Siegfried Buback; kidnapped and killed industrialist Hanns-Martin Schleyer and organised
the hijacking of a Lufthansa plane by Palestinian militants.

Andreas Baader committed suicide in jail when all those attempts to force his release failed.

Mohnhaupt was arrested in 1982.