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Partygoers join Treaty of Rome celebrations

Partygoers join Treaty of Rome celebrations
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It isn’t only Europe’s leaders who’ve come to Berlin to celebrate the EU’s 50th anniversary, thousands of others have come too. During last year’s Soccer World Cup they called this area around the Brandenburg Gate the Fanmile.

Now the crowds are back to sample the cultural smorgasbord of music, food and fun on offer.

This woman summed it up for everyone:

“I think it’s great,” she said, “I work over the border
so I’m a European fan. And it’s good that others have come, too, to see all that Europe has to offer, especially the stands of the European Court of Auditors, the networks and political movements – it’s important that these present themselves to the public, too.”

The festivities will continue all night.

There’s to be a firework display this evening followed by all night dancing when the European Night Club opens its doors at 11pm featuring DJ’s from all 27 EU nations.