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Kosovo talks reach the end of the line

Kosovo talks reach the end of the line
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Final talks attempting to find agreement on the future of Kosovo have ended with the two sides no closer together. On the table in Vienna, a document prepared by UN negotiator Martti Ahtisaari.

“The potential of negotiations is exhausted. At the same time a sustainable solution of Kosovo’s status is urgently needed.Therefore it is my intention after today’s meeting to finalise my proposal for the submission to the UN Security Council in the course of this month,” he said.

The Serbian president Boris Tadic called on the UN to throw out the proposals, saying if the Ahtisaari plan is accepted, it would be the first time in modern history a territory would be taken from a democratic and peaceful country, to satisfy an ethnic group which already has its own sovereign state.

The Serbian Prime Minister called for the talks to continue, saying the proposal as it stands doesn’t meet the conditions for presentation to the UN Security Council.

The blueprint sets out an independent state, overseen by a foreign power, with an EU police mission. It includes self-government and protection for the 100,000 Serbs there.