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War of words over US proposals for missile sites

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War of words over US proposals for missile sites
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American and Russian generals, diplomats and politicians are continuing an exchange of words over a US proposal to site a new missile defence system in Europe. The US Assistant Secretary of State responded to a Russian suggestion that it was ready to defend itself.

“A threat against Poland and the Czech Republic makes no sense in the early part of the 21st Century and we assume and hope that the General was not speaking for the entire Russian government. Indeed I noticed that Foreign Minister Lavrov, the following day, spoke about this issue in far more measured and reasonable tones.”

The United States says the missiles, placed in Poland and the Czech Republic, would help defend against an attack by rogue states, such as Iran. But, because of their proposed location in the former Eastern Bloc countries, Moscow sees them as a threat.

Russian General Nikolai Solovstov said that it was just a way for the United States to show its muscles. “They should be aware that we are ready to defend ourselves in both diplomatic and military ways,” he said.

A US military spokesman says putting the European missiles in Eastern Europe is simply practical because it is in a direct line between the US and Iran.