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Palestinians blame US for lack of progress

Palestinians blame US for lack of progress
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After the talks, in Gaza City, members of the Palestinian cabinet gathered in a meeting convened by the Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh.

He blamed the Americans for continuing to deal with the old position of boycott and isolation, which had failed.

“The American position,” he said, “remains negative, and it continues to oppose the formation of a national unity government, despite the Palestinian agreement in Mecca.”

Gibril Rajub, from the Fatah party, expressed his disappointment at the lack of progress, and also blamed the Americans for failing to push the Israelis enough.

He said, “I dont think it was fruitful, I think that it was less than we expected. At least we did expect that the Americans would exert pressure on the Israelis to start a process of bilateral engagement under supervision of the international community in general and the quartet in particular. And I do believe that the ball is in the court of the american

Outside the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem where the talks had taken place, the camapigners
Peace Now called on their own government to negotiate with the Palestinian unity authority, even though it stops short of recognising Israel.