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US gets Middle East Quartet back into action

US gets Middle East Quartet back into action
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Washington is calling the Quartet of Middle East peace negotiators back into action. The US Secretary of State has invited the European Union, the UN and Russia to talks in Washington on February 2. This after a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose country currently holds the EU presidency,

“We feel there is some movement regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” said Merkel. “We have a great political interest in finding a solution and the EU wants to contribute to that in line with the Quartet.”

A number of countries have been calling on the grouping to play a bigger role in peace efforts. During her five day trip to the Middle East, Condoleezza Rice also announced plans to bring together Palestinian and Israeli leaders for informal talks in the next few weeks. Rice says a meeting of the Quartet beforehand could prepare the ground for new Israeli-Palestinian discussions.