Two more bodies found in prostitute hunt

Two more bodies found in prostitute hunt
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Police hunting a possible serial killer targetting prostitutes in England have found another two bodies, bringing the number of grim discoveries to five. They are working on the assumption that the last two corpses are the remains of two street walkers who have not been seen for a few days. They say there are striking similarities between all the cases.

Detective Chief Superintendent Stewart Gull said:

“Because of the further discovery of two more bodies close to where Anneli Alderton was found, we can only fear the worst. The natural assumption is these are the two missing women, Annette Nicholls, aged 29 years and Paula Clennell, aged 24. That’s an assumption. You’ll understand that it’s yet to be confirmed.”

Paula Clennell had been missing since Saturday and Annette Nicholls for at least a week.

Anneli Alderton was found strangled, in woodland near Ipswich on Sunday.

Investigators have linked the first discoveries of Gemma Adams and Tania Nicol, whose bodies were found a few miles away, in the same stream.

Panic has spread through sex workers in Ipswich, who believe the killer may have been a client.

One sex worker who does not want to be identified said: “Some of them are petrified of coming out to work. He has obviously thought about what he is doing and he must be local because he knows the area far too well.”

Police are appealing for information from other prostitutes, who they believe hold the key to the identity of another possible “Jack the Ripper”.