Mexico leftist sworn in as "President"

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Mexico leftist sworn in as "President"

 Mexico leftist sworn in as "President"
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Mexico’s defeated presidential candidate has had himself sworn in as the country’s President in a mock ceremony. Lopez Obrador said he was launching a parallel government and called for more protests against conservative rival, Felipe Calderon.

“They have attacked me without a truce because I said to hell with your institutions,” Lopez Obrador said. “But we were not the ones who spoiled them. It was them.”

Lopez Obrador threatened to hamper his rival’s government.

He said he’d call a country-wide protest whenever Calderon did something contrary to the national interest.

Obrador was defeated by less than one percent in elections in July, but a Mexican court threw out his claim of fraud.

His supporters took to the streets and marched on the capital, calling for a full recount of ballots.

The protests brought central Mexico City to a standstill and divided the country between rich and poor.

But even as police set up barricades around Parliament to stop demonstrators, Mexicans may not be so willing to follow Obrador’s lead in the future.

A recent poll showed only 19 percent of people supported Obrador’s call to revive the left-wing movement and 56 percent were against.