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Putin breaks silence over journalist's murder

Putin breaks silence over journalist's murder
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Russia’s president has vowed that all necessary efforts will be made to find out who murdered a journalist who was fiercely critical of the Kremlin. But Vladimir Putin’s assurances are unlikely to calm the outcry sparked by the killing of Anna Politkovskaya. Posters outside her house denounce her death as politically motivated.

One woman outside her block of flats said: “If we don’t defend ourselves and the people don’t defend journalists, more journalists will be killed, this is for sure, because the unlawful government in power is corrupt and theives are always afraid of the truth. It is the truth that has been killed with Anna Politkovskaya.”

The reporter’s newspaper Kommersant is offering nearly 800,000 euros reward to solve the crime. The 48-year old mother of two was a strong critic of Putin’s politics in Chechnya. She was gunned down in the lift in her own block of flats. Her funeral is to be held tommorow.