Austrian kidnap victim describes her ordeal

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Austrian kidnap victim describes her ordeal

Austrian kidnap victim describes her ordeal
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Eight years of lonliness, agony and hunger, obsessed with only one thing: her escape.

Speaking candidly in her first television interview, eighteen year old Natascha Kampusch described her ordeal. Abducted at the age of ten and held captive in a windowless cell.

Fragile but composed, the young Austrian recalled how her captor Wolfgang Priklopil had threatened to go on a killing spree had she tried to escape:

Natascha said: “I could not speak to anyone because he was always threatening to harm people if I told them anything, he said he would kill anybody who knew.”

Natascha was held captive in 6 metre squared cell under Priklopil’s house in Strasshoff, a commuter town near Vienna. She banged on the walls with bottles and her fists in the hope that someone would hear her.

Despite missing out on her childhood and teenage years, Natascha says she’s now looking to the future, living each day of freedom.

Her story has gripped not only Austria but the world since her escape two weeks ago.

One Austrian woman said: “I would not have said she was eighteen. She seems more mature than that. If I think about myself at the same age, I was much younger, immature and less focussed”

Many believed Natascha was dead. She says she never gave up hope and made her bid for freedom when her kidnapper was on the phone. After her escape, Priklopil took his own life, throwing himself under a train.