Terror alert sparks mass airline chaos

Terror alert sparks mass airline chaos
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Flights around the world have been disrupted following the terror alert in Britain. London’s Heathrow Airport, one of the busiest in the world, closed its runways to European carriers. Heathrow is a hub for airline connections and passengers in Amsterdam waited to find out how they would get to their destination.

“They are trying to get all of us who were going to Heathrow to make connections – some are going to Hong Kong, some to the US, all over – they are trying to get us direct flights to wherever we are going,” said one man at Schipol airport. The blockage at Heathrow as well as major flight cancellations right across the UK caused a severe backlog of flights at many departure points. As well as having to take in the unnerving news about the alert, those hoping to fly endured hours of delays.

One man at Frankfurt International Airport said he was scared: “I hope they will do their jobs properly and control all the bags and then it should be okay. It will take a bit longer, but security is the priority.” Another traveller was less anxious: “I guess I just don’t think the threat of terrorism is as high as it is claimed to be. I know there is terrorism that exists, but personally I just don’t feel that threatened by it.”

But airlines flying out of the UK are not taking any chances. Passengers have been allowed to take only the bare essentials on board and they will have to be carried in a transparent plastic bag. India, Germany, Sweden and Denmark raised their terror threat levels on all outbound flights to Great Britain.

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