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China pledges crackdown on poor quality and fake goods

China pledges crackdown on poor quality and fake goods
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China’s economy shows little sign of slowing according to the latest forecast from the country’s main planning agency with GDP growth remaining close to 11%, but a worrying amount of what it produces is poor quality or counterfeit. Government inspectors report that more than a fifth of all Chinese goods fail to meet quality standards, creating potential health and safety risks.

Pu Changcheng of the Quality Inspection Administration said: “We’re stepping up strict surveillance and inspections at our major ports to stop counterfeit goods, and those of inferior quality or that fail to meet the relevant standards from being exported.”

Chinese TV has recently carried reports on people dying after taking counterfeit medications including useless anti-malaria tablets and infants suffering malnutrition from fake powered baby milk. Chinese authorities blame the underdeveloped state of the economy for some shoddy goods but admit that the counterfeiters were becoming more sophisticated and harder to catch.