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Three die as Israeli airstrike hits house in Gaza

Three die as Israeli airstrike hits house in Gaza
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There have been more Israeli air strikes over night on targets in Gaza. A key bridge was bombed despite calls by the United Nations to stop destroying the territory’s fragile infrastructure. Israel says it hit the bridge to stop militants from transporting rockets to launch sites.

It was their response to an earlier call for a ceasefire from Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh who had several conditions: “The initiatives are composed of five items. First, the return to calm by the withdrawal of Israeli forces from all of the Gaza Strip and the stopping of all forms of Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. I stressed the necessity of stopping the campaign of arrests, assassinations and incursions”.

A spokesman for Israel’s Foreign ministry, Mark Regev, said he thought Haniyeh was being disingenuous: “Hamas is responsible for the current escalation and they know how to end it. They have to release our serviceman immediately and unconditionally and they have to stop targeting Israeli cities with their terrorist rockets. If they do that there will be a ceasefire.”

Near Gaza City, a six year old girl was one of three Palestinians killed all from the same family after the Israeli army fired a missile hitting their house. A military spokesman said armed gun men had been their target. There is still no information over the whereabouts of the Israeli soldier whose abduction launched the Israeli offensive.