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Remake of cult anti-Christ film released on 6.6.06

Remake of cult anti-Christ film released on 6.6.06
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It was the perfect day to release a remake of the cult film The Omen: 6.6.06.

The movie, originally made in 1976, is about a switched-at-birth anti-Christ called Damien, who has the birthmark of the devil. Julia Stiles, who plays the boy’s mother, said at first she was scared on set: “I was, definitely, when we were making the film, but I kind of got over that, because I think I exorcised all those demons while we were shooting. “But I had horrible nightmares the first month of shooting, of images from the original film, but also just some of the mythology behind the movie. “It’s definitely powerful stuff. So then I kind of psyched myself up and I would see the number 666 everywhere, but you can only take that so far.” Suffice to say the remake, by John Moore, has the same scary plot as the original.