Barroso's 2008 constitutional horizon challenge

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Barroso's 2008 constitutional horizon challenge

Barroso's 2008 constitutional horizon challenge
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The president of the European Commission has recommended that no decision on the EU constitution be taken before 2008.

In preparation, Jose Manuel Barroso has proposed that the leaders promise to work for a collective European future;

They should declare this on the 50th anniversary of the EU’s founding treaty of Rome, next March.

“I am challenging in fact national leaders. I am asking them: are you or not committed to this “projet de vie en commun” – to this collective decision we took to live together in Europe. Are you or not committed? If you are, it is good that you say it.”

This followed Europe Day events demonstrating the institutions’ increasingly citizen-friendly approach.

Barroso complained member states had gone back on reform agreements.

He insisted the EU had to regain credibility;

Then it could think about salvaging its stalled constitution.

“We are not cherry-picking the constitution. What we are proposing is not to be blocked now. And to take the potential of the existing Treaties. We can do it, why should not we do it? For instance in justice and security fields. We can do it.”

This referred to giving up national vetoes in these areas.

Barroso’s forthright comments came as he presented Commission ideas for a June summit aimed at mapping a way out of the stalemate on the EU charter.

He talked about ambitions to achieve concrete results in areas such as helping European consumers and jobseekers, and tackling crime.