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Chinese and Russians want more time on Iran issue

Chinese and Russians want more time on Iran issue
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The Chinese and Russians are pushing for a diplomatic solution to the Iran nuclear crisis, just as the US is turning up the heat on Tehran. Beijing and Moscow are resisting pressure from the Americans, French and British to issue a strong UN Security Council statement that would ask Iran to comply with demands from the International Atomic Energy Agency

Chinese ambassador to the UN, Wang Guangya, does not feel the time is right. “I believe that the role of the Security Council is to support and reinforce the IAEA role. At this state, it is not the Security Council that takes it over from the IAEA,” he said. That contrasts sharply with the tone struck by Washington. The US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, has compared the threat from Iran as akin to the September 11 attacks, but with nuclear weapons. Iran, which insists its programme is for peaceful purposes only, was referred to the UN Security Council for failing to cooperate with nuclear inspectors.