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Boyfriend of drug trial man told 'pray for miracle'

Boyfriend of drug trial man told 'pray for miracle'
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Two men are fighting for their lives in hospital in the UK after a drugs trial went badly wrong. Four others are in serious but stable condition. The group were taking part in the initial safety testing of the drug TGN 1412for rheumatism, leukaemia and multiple sclerosis. The trial at a hospital in London was set up by US drug research company Parexel on behalf of German pharmaceutical company TeGenero. The British media is reporting that the men were paid 3,000 euros each to take part in the tests.

Myfanwy Mathews says she’s been told her 28-year-old boyfriend could die at any moment: “His face is bloated like the Elephant Man. It’s all the blood, they are recycling his blood trying to clean it out. It’s affected every organ, his kidneys, his lungs, his liver, his heart, his blood circulation, everything. They are just trying to keep that ticking over with their machines so he’s on life support and they’re telling me he could die.” Mathews went on to say she has been told to “pray for a miracle”. The trial has been suspended and other European countries have been put on alert, in case tests are being carried out in other laboratories.