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Was Djindjic's memorial eclipsed by the death of Milosevic?

Was Djindjic's memorial eclipsed by the death of Milosevic?
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At least 500 Serb supporters gathered at the central cemetery in Belgrade, today homage to the murdered reformist Zoran Djindjic. It was the third anniversary of his death.

There was a noticeable absence of grief for Slobodan Milosovic. President Boris Tadic placed wreaths on Djindjic’s grave. Djindjic took over power from Milosevic, having been a long standing opposition leader. It was Djindjic who originally spearheaded the removal of Milosevic in 2000. This led to his trial at the War Crimes tribunal in The Hague. The 64 year old former leader was found dead at Scheveningen prison on Saturday. Opinions of Milosevic vary widely. One Belgrade citizen says:“I don’t think it is coincidence that he died yesterday, the day before the anniversary of Djindjic’s assassination. This shows the perfect functioning of the Universe. “ Another says: “I am devastated. I would not have sent a Serbian dog to the Hague, let alone our leaders. I am deeply saddened about his fate. Whatever mistakes he made he did not deserve that. “ The Serbian press lost no time in putting Milosevic’s death ahead of the memorial service for Djindjic, in their reports. Speculation was rife. Would Milosevic become a rival martyr for some Serbs who still regards him as a hero? But Serb state Television news led with Djindjic’s memorial service. Mourners thronged the Socialist party Headquarters in Belgrade. There are already question marks over Milosevic’s funeral. Will he be honoured like a former president? Will his wife and son, both living in exile in Moscow, and his daughter now living in Montenegro, risk returning to Serbia, where they could face criminal charges?