Morroco compensation for past royal wrongs slow

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Morroco compensation for past royal wrongs slow

Morroco compensation for past royal wrongs slow
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Morocco’s Human Rights Council President Driss Benzekri has published a report on abuses by the late Hassan II during his 38-year reign.

The current king, Mohamed VI, commissioned the report himself, as part of a programme aimed at increasing democracy.

Benzekri has been in Brussels meeting European Union officials.

He says the consultative council over which he presides is responsible for the practical application of promised state compensation for victims of the abuses.

This includes social-economic restructuring programmes.

These are community operations in the different regions.

There have been a reported 25,000-30,000 applications for compensation.

Where reforms are concerned, he says, democratic principles must be followed;

there will have to be negotiations over constitutional and legislative reforms, and debate with the parliament’s law-makers.

King Moohamed supported the creation of an Equity and Reconciliation Commission in 2004.

It was to shed light on past violations and to seek out-of-court settlements.

While the international organisation Human Rights Watch has praised the efforts made, last autumn it urged the authorities to do more to bring culprits to justice.

Grievances persist over impunity for the security forces and limitations of judicial independence.

The legacy of the past includes hundreds of cases of 6;disappearances,6; and thousands of arbitrary detentions.