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Thousands of Iraqis dispute election results

Thousands of Iraqis dispute election results
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The United Nations has dismissed claims of fraud regarding Iraq’s recent parliamentary elections. Its international election assistance team found the contest credible and has issued a statement saying there is no need for a re-run of the vote that gave a strong lead to the ruling Shia religious parties. However, the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq says it has uncovered some instances of electoral fraud from the poll.

On the streets of Baghdad, some feel it would be better now to accept the results and move on. Sattar Adai says: “I prayed for elections to be held and thank God they were. A re-run would have a very negative impact on the Iraqi people.” But plenty of Iraqis do not share the same opinion. Thousands of Iraqis have staged a protest in the capital about the results. Demonstrators claim the polls were rigged in favour of the governing Shia religious bloc. Some politicians have called for a campaign of civil disobedience if their complaints about the election are not properly investigated.