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Iranian leader calls Holocaust a 'myth'

Iranian leader calls Holocaust a 'myth'
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The Iranian president has launched another stinging attack on Israel by describing the Holocaust as a “myth”.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is facing a fresh wave of condemnation for the comments, which mirror an assertion last week that the killing of six million Jews by Nazi Germany was a “legend”. In October the former Revolutionary Guardsman described Israel as a “tumour” that should be “wiped off the map”. He has also said the country should be moved to Europe or North America. Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev had an angry response: “The combination of a regime with a very radical agenda, together with a distorted sense of reality, as is clearly indicated by the statements we heard today, put together with nuclear weapons, I think that’s a combination, a dangerous combination, that no-one in the international community can accept.” The European Commission has described Ahmadinejad’s remarks as “completely unacceptable”. In Germany, where Holocaust denial is a crime, the foreign ministry said the speech could affect talks on Iran’s nuclear ambitions. One Iranian political analyst argued Ahmadinejad was trying to build diplomatic weight.