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UK firefighters resume efforts to put out fuel depot blaze

UK firefighters resume efforts to put out fuel depot blaze
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Fire crews have resumed their battle to extinguish what is said to be the biggest blaze of its kind in Europe during peacetime. Efforts to put out the inferno at a fuel depot north of London had earlier been halted for several hours amid fears of further explosions. On Sunday morning, a wave of blasts ripped through the plant near Hemel Hempstead. These and the giant fire that broke out injured over 40 people.

The plume of smoke that resulted is visible for kilometres around. Despite assurances from the British government that it is not toxic, there are concerns about what has been dubbed “the cloud of doom” drifting over France. It is thought it could reach Spain by Wednesday. Police say the blaze appeared to be an accident although anti-terrorist officers are involved in the inquiry. The area immediately around the depot is now a charred wasteland and local schools were to remain closed today. Around 2,000 people are thought to have left the area in the wake of the disaster.