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Gotovina arrest divides Croatia

Gotovina arrest divides Croatia
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The Gotovina case has divided opinion with Croatia. For some, Gotovina is a hero, one of the founding fathers of the modern state. They regard their government’s cooperation in his arrest as an act of betrayal.For other Croats it is a positive development, removing an obstacle on the path to EU membership.

That reflects the view of the Prime Minister Ivo Sanader’s administration. On the streets of the capital people gave mixed reactions. “It’s a tragedy that we’ve had to make another sacrifice,” one man said. “There may be riots now. I’m against anything being done to him. But it’s over.” “I think it’s great,” said one woman. “I’m glad they found him outside Croatia.” Last night, after the news broke, there were protests by hundreds of Gotovina’s supporters. They led to minor clashes with the police. The government has banned demonstrations in the main square in front of parliament. Prime Minister Sanader has said he understands the anger of some people but that disorder cannot be tolerated.