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Belgian far-right court controversy in Morroco

Belgian far-right court controversy in Morroco
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The leader of Belgium’s far-right Vlams Blok party, Filip Dewinter, has been in Morocco to put forward his movement’s anti-immigration case.

He said he wanted to persaude people that Belgium was not a land of limitless wealth: “It’s nothing to do with racism and xenophobia, not at all. But Belgium, like the rest of Europe, is not a land of milk and honey for all the immigrants of the world. Today we’re launching a campaign of persausion called “We’re welcoming but not crazy,” he said. Dewinter also said that Europeans feared Islam because of the terrorism carried out in its name by extremists. The visit has generated a lot of media interest at home and abroad. One Morrocan press journalist at a news conference said the party had shown there was no possible equality in Belgium. He added: “They start from the principle that the Flemish are above all others in humanity.” Numbering around 450,000 the Morrocan community is the largest non-European ethnic minority in Belgium. Dewinter called on the government in Rabat to stop giving third and fourth generation Morrocans dual nationality. The Morrocan government has refused contact with the Vlams Blok delegation.