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Tropical storm Delta sweeps Canaries

Tropical storm Delta sweeps Canaries
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At least seven people were killed when tropical storm Delta rocked the Canary Islands, six of them African immigrants whose boat got into difficulties and the seventh a local man who was blown off his roof.

Winds of up to 100km/h and heavy rain brought down power lines, leaving 265,000 people without electricity. Roads were cut and six sea ports closed. The Canaries are a popular destination for northern Europeans looking for some winter sun. But it was holiday hell for around 400 people who were forced to spend the night in the airport. The famous Finger of God standing stone on Gran Canaria was blown over. Locals say it was terrible. “A crane fell onto our house,” said one woman. A man man explained: “I went to get the bus and there was no bus, no taxis, nothing. I had to hold onto a tree so the wind wouldn’t blow me away.” Delta is one of the most powerful storms to have hit the archipelago in decades and some weather experts argue it was linked to global warming.