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French unrest shows signs of waning

French unrest shows signs of waning
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Two weeks after it all begin unrest across France seems to be waning. It is not clear to what extent this is due to newly adopted curfew powers but authorities are hoping the end may be in sight.

But there was some trouble, notably in the southern city of Toulouse. By the early hours of the morning around a dozen cars had been burned and a similar number of people arrested. Nationally, police chiefs said the figures were down on last night and that the violence was less intense. The disturbances were mainly in provincial cities. The situation in the Isle de France region surrounding Paris was said to be much more calm. It was in one of Paris’s suburbs that the trouble first erupted. But during the night none of the region’s senior police officials opted to use their curfew powers. The measure has been adopted by 25 of the country’s 96 local authorities.