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Al Qaeda claim responsibility for hotel bomb attacks

Al Qaeda claim responsibility for hotel bomb attacks
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Suspected suicide bombers struck at three international hotels in Jordan’s capital Amman, killing 57 and wounding over 100.Al Qaeda in an internet statement claimed responsibility for the carnage but it is yet to be verified. In Wednesday night’s coordinated attacks the Radisson, the Grand Hyatt, and DaysInn hotel were targeted – all three popular with business people and westerners. Jordan immediately arrested scores of people, set up roadblocks around hotels and embassies and closed its borders in an attempt to stop any suspects fleeing. Schools, businesses and government offices were closed as the stunned kingdom prepared to bury the dead.

In the worst incident hundreds of guests had gathered to attend a wedding reception at the Radisson Hotel. The bomb went off in a banquet hall, turning a joyous occasion into a nightmare in a matter of seconds. The bride and groom each lost a parent. The groom, still in state of shock, gave this message to the world: “I lost my father, I lost my father in-law and a couple of friends as well. This is not Islam. This cannot help Arabs or Muslims.” Jordan, a key US ally in the Middle East, has long been regarded as a target for attacks by radical Islamic militants.