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Overnight riots in France less intense

Overnight riots in France less intense
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Despite new security measures from the government and repeated calls for calm from local community leaders France has seen another night of widespread street violence.

There were clashes between police and rioters in several cities. More than three hundred vehicles were set ablaze across the country and some 65 people arrested. But the unrest was less intense than it was on prevoius nights. Paris, in the suburbs of which the trouble first erupted, was said to have been relatively quiet. Prime Minister Dominic de Villepin is to meet with his cabinet today to approve the adoption of emergency powers that have not been used since they were drafted in 1955 to deal with the Algerian uprising. “Everywhere that it is necessary, local government officials, acting under the authoritiy of the Interior Minister, will be able to impose a curfew if they think it useful to allow a return to calm and ensure residents’ safety,” he said. Villepin added that curfews would only be used selectively and would be very limited.