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Syria feels pressure over assassination

Syria feels pressure over assassination
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After coming under increasing pressure Syria has said it might allow UN investigators to question its officials further over the assassination of Lebanon’s former prime minister.

But a Syrian foreign ministry official has denied that Syria failed to cooperate fully with the UN inquiry into the car bomb attack. Riad al Daoudi said comments in the UN report about Damascus limiting its cooperation with the UN was not true. The UN report into the murder said the decision to kill Hariri could not have been taken without the approval of top ranking Syrian security officials. Pressure is inreasing on Syria with calls led by the US to refer it to the Security Council where it might face economic sanctions. Rafik Hariri’s son has called for an international court to put his father’s killers on trial. Hariri’s assassination led to massive demonstrations in Lebanon and the eventual withdrawal of troops from Lebanon earlier this year. During the 29 years that Syrian troops occupied parts of Lebanon it managed to exert considerable control over the government. Many Lebanese remain suspicious that Syria is still exerting an unwanted influence on their country long after it troops left.