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Moroccans deport refugees

Moroccans deport refugees
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Desperate scenes on the Moroccan side of the border with the Spanish territories of Ceuta and Melilla. Authorities have been taking hundreds of would-be emigrants away from the boundary. Huge numbers have attempted to break into the Spanish side. Most were unsuccessful and were left wandering in the desert without food or water. The Moroccans intervened to transport them by force away from the area. They are suffering in the heat.

This man says he doesn’t know where they are being taken. The only water he’s got is the bottle given by the reporter. As the operation continues, humanitarian organisations on the spot are struggling to cope. They are warning the situation may be getting out of control.Fifteen hundred people were transported yesterday, the rest are still in the desert, says this helper.A European Union task force has arrived in Melilla to provide assistance. At least seventy refugees who managed to get into the Spanish territory a few days ago were taken to mainland Spain then expelled back into Morocco, according to reports from Madrid.Further talks on the crisis are planned in the coming days when Spains foreign minister visits Morocco.