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Bush on third tour of Katrina disaster zone

Bush on third tour of Katrina disaster zone
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George W. Bush is on his third visit to the Gulf Coast since hurricane Katrina devastated the region two weeks ago. With his approval ratings at an all-time low, the American president is keen to show a hands-on approach to the disaster.

He has been visiting relief centres and touring New Orleans. The political bickering continues, with a Louisiana senator saying Washington is trying to blame local officials for the poor initial response to the disaster. Meanwhile in the worst hit areas of the city National Guard troops and local forces are still going from house to house looking for bodies. In the ninth ward homes up to their eaves in toxic water have to be entered through the roof. Spray paint markings tell follow-up teams what is inside and when it was checked. The death toll from the disaster stands at around 400, a figure which is expected to rise. Around 1,000 pets have been rescued and taken to a special shelter. In drier areas the clean-up is gathering pace. It is predicted the entire city will be drained by early next month.