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Ukraine puts together new government

Ukraine puts together new government
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Talks are underway to form a new government in Ukraine, the day after the “Orange Revolution” team was sacked by President Viktor Yushchenko.

He has asked a long-term ally to put together a new administration, and meetings are being held with parliamentary leaders in a bid to stabilize the political situation. Yury Yekhanurov is a firm Yushchenko loyalist, and there is speculation that the president will exercise more direct control over his government than he did over the previous administration of Yulia Tymoshenko. Infighting and corruption allegations led the president to fire her government. His aim is to give a fresh start to an administration swept to power in mass protests last year, that has since failed to meet supporters’ heady expectations. Tymoshenko has described her sacking as unfair. Analysts believe the president’s political future depends heavily on whether his outsted premier will turn against him. She heads her own party and could go into opposition when Ukraine votes in a parliamentary election next year.