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Bogus British spy dupes people out of thousands

Bogus British spy dupes people out of thousands
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A British man who became a millionaire by tricking people into believing he was a spy who could save them from danger has been jailed for life. Robert Hendy-Freegard told his victims they were being hunted by terrorists. Money paid by the likes of victim John Atkinson for bogus covert missions funded a luxury lifestyle.

Atkinson said: “We feel completely vindicated by the sentencing. This is somebody who ruins lives, my life and many other lives. I was a victim, I’m not a victim anymore, and he gets everything he deserves.” 34-year-old Hendy-Freegard is a former barman and car salesman. Police say the victims were brainwashed over 10 years, and forced to give money to a conman who lived a James Bond lifestyle. He was found guilty of kidnapping, theft and deception.