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Plane crashes into residential area in Indonesia

Plane crashes into residential area in Indonesia
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At least 130 people are dead after a plane crash in Indonesia.

A Boeing 737, operated by Mandala Airlines, came down just after take off from the main airport in Medan, on the island of Sumatra. The aircraft crashed in a densely populated residential neighbourhood, killing at least 30 people on the ground. Several people are reported to have survived the crash – various reports put the figure at between 3 and 6. Local media says the acting governor of Aceh province and the governor of northern Sumatra province were on board. It is not yet known what caused the crash, but officials say foulplay seems unlikely. The plane, which was en route for Jakarta, came down about 500 metres from the runway. About 20 houses and numerous vehicles on the ground were destroyed in a massive fire that broke out after impact. Mandala says the plane that crashed was built in 1981 and was fit for eight more years of flying.