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US calls on EU and Nato for help as last hurricane homeless evacuated

US calls on EU and Nato for help as last hurricane homeless evacuated
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The United States has asked the EU and Nato for emergency assistance as it struggles to contain the fall-out from Hurricane Katrina. With the last refugees being evacuated from New Orleans, the country’s Homeland Security Secretary has warned the worst is not over, that the US must brace itself for more horrors when the waters recede.

It is feared thousands died in the disaster. The US administration is facing mounting criticism that it was too slow to respond. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is now in Alabama, tomorrow US President George W Bush will again tour the Gulf Coast to provide comfort to the flood victims. The tens of thousands of people who sought safety in the Superdome and Convention Centre in New Orleans have now been evacuated from what became a putrid, squalid and dangerous shelter.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson went to the site, he could not believe what he had seen: “It looks like the hull of a slave ship. Something about this is ugly and wrong and we must commit ourselves to changing it.”

The majority of those suffering from the storm are black, critics say that is telling of the government’s attitude to black America.

Now those very people are facing more hardship evacuated to overstretched centres where conditions are said to be worsening.