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Dozens dead after day of bloodshed in Iraq

Dozens dead after day of bloodshed in Iraq
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Iraq has suffered another day of bloodshed, with dozens more dead in the continuing battle by Sunni Arab insurgents against the US-backed government.

In Baghdad, a suicide bomber killed six people and injured 14 more when he drove a car at a police patrol. Two of the dead and two of the wounded were policemen. Yesterday rebels shot dead 10 officers in five attacks across the capital. In the northern oil refining town of Baiji, two security troops guarding a pipeline were shot dead. In Kirkuk a policeman was killed by gunmen. And in the north of Baghdad a traffic policeman was killed and seven people hurt by a mortar bomb attack on a minibus. The surge in violence came after US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld urged Iraq’s leaders to end arguments over the constutition, which it is hoped will help undermine the revolt. It is due to be agreed by August 15 but the division of oil revenue, women’s rights and the role of Islam are all still bones of contention.