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Relief as Russian sub rescue succeeds

Relief as Russian sub rescue succeeds
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There were tears of relief for the wife of one of the men rescued from a Russian submarine as she spotted him on a television report, alive and well.

For Polina Bolonina the news ended three days of torment as she knew her husband was among the seven-strong crew trapped two hundred metres under the surface of the Pacific. Gennady Bolonin is an engineer from the company that made the mini-sub and was the only civilian on board. “I’m really grateful to the rescue workers, ours and the British, for the job they did and for saving our seven men,” his wife said. It is reported the crew only had six hours worth of oxygen left when they broke the surface on Sunday. A British Scorpio underwater robot cut the cables that had trapped it near the sea bed. Defence Minister Sergei Ivanov was delighted at the rescue. In Moscow the crisis brought back uncomfortable memories of the Kursk disaster five years ago. The sailors are said to be in good condition, and insisted they never had any doubts they would survive the ordeal.