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Sudanese quick to replace dead political leader

Sudanese quick to replace dead political leader
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Southern Sudanese leaders have moved quickly to fill the vacuum left by the death of rebel chief-turned-peacemaker, John Garang. His close ally, Salva Kiir has been named to succeed him, a unanimous decision according to Pagan Amoun from Garang’s party. “He [Garang] had appointed him as vice president of southern Sudan. He now becomes acting president of southern Sudan until he is sworn in. There has been no dissent or any disagreement,” said Amoun. The south of the country has started five days of mourning for Garang who was killed in a helicopter crash. He had helped bring the south into government and secured a fairer partition of the country’s oil wealth. He was returning from Uganda when his helicopter went down in the mountainous Juba region. Although details remain unclear, there seems little to suggest his death was anything other than an accident. But as the news spread, thousands of his supporters took to the streets of Khartoum. Authorities say 36 people were killed in the subsequent violence and a dusk-to-dawn curfew has been imposed.