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Italy hopes to extradite London bombing suspect soon

Italy hopes to extradite London bombing suspect soon
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Italian police say the London bombing suspect seized in Rome should be extradited to Britain soon.

Downing Street has already made a formal request for the return of Osman Hussain, who has reportedly admitted taking part in the botched attacks on July 21. The Ethopian-born man, also known as Hamdi Isaac, was arrested in Rome on Friday. “We hope we can extradite him soon,” said anti-terrorism police chief Carlo De Stefano. “There are things we need to evaluate with the UK judicial authorities, but I believe it will not take long.” Authorities have also detained and questioned two of Hussain’s brothers. Police say neither they nor he appear to have links to international terrorist organisations. Questions are now being asked as to how Hussain obtained a British passport under false pretences and how he managed to travel from London to Rome after the failed bombings. Both Britain and France are looking at ways to tighten border controls. French Transport Minister Dominique Perben said: “The fact that this man was able to leave London and cross France without being stopped means we have to rethink security on our frontiers.” Hussain is thought to have tried to detonate a device at Shepherd’s Bush underground station. British police are holding the three other men believed to have taken part in the failed bombings.