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Pakistanis hunted after Egypt bombings

Pakistanis hunted after Egypt bombings
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Roadblocks have been set up and there are reports of a gunbattle near Sharm el-Sheikh as Egyptian police search for those who planned and carried out the deadly bombings at the weekend.

Officers have a list of up to nine Pakistanis they want to question, individuals who are claimed to have been staying at hotels in the resort and disappeared soon before the blasts, leaving their passports behind. Some analysts have played down the likelihood Pakistanis were involved in an attack on the heavily policed Red Sea resort. If it is proved they were behind the bloodshed then it would suggest the work of a much wider terrorist network than previously thought. There is also speculation over how the bombings were carried out. Local officials now believe all three were suicide attacks, rather than just one of them. The final death toll also is not clear- the Egyptian health ministry puts the figure at 64, the hospital in Sharm says 88 people died. What is confirmed is that a Briton, Italian and Czech are among the foreigners killed. Near the blasted hotels a group of local staff have staged a demonstration against terrorism. Their jobs may be at risk if the blasts have the expected negative impact on the tourism industry, the country’s largest private sector employer.