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Europeans honour London bombing victims

Europeans honour London bombing victims
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Millions of Londoners have observed a two-minute silence in memory of the victims of the bombings. Regardless of their creed or colour, people have been stirred by the traumatic events of last Thursday. Today’s show of strength reflected the resilence of the city’s inhabitants as well as their pain and sorrow. At Downing Street and Buckingham Palace, Tony Blair and the Queen both stood in silence. Traffic and commuters in and around King’s Cross came to a sudden standstill. Tonight a vigil is planned at Trafalgar Square to thank the emergency services. The scene was the same across European capitals. In Madrid thousands gathered in a massive gesture of solidarity and most of all defiance. Moscow did not officially respect the silence but dozens gathered outside the British embassy. In Rome, government offices, railway stations and airports ground to a halt while television stations cut into normal broadcasting to honour the victims. In Brussels, members of the European Commission and Parliament also paused to pay their respects and show their support.