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First Chinese built cars arrive for sale in Europe

First Chinese built cars arrive for sale in Europe
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It is just what European motor manufacturers did not need – a new competitor undercutting their prices in an already weak market. The first Chinese made vehicles have started arriving for sale in Europe. The Landwind four-wheel-drives are being imported by a Dutch car dealer. They will sell for around 17,000 euros in the Netherlands, which is nearly half the price of their nearest competitor. The importer says he is confident of selling about 2,000 of them this year. Chen Yin Shen, a representative of the Chinese city where the vehicles are made, defended their undercutting the market: He said: “I don’t think Chinese products are too cheap. Chinese products represent real value in the markets. I think that European products ask too much money. They’re too expensive. They should reduce their (profit) margins sometimes and go into the real free market. That is more important. The Chinese car is actually good quality and the price is OK in the market.” As well as the Landwind, Europe’s carmakers have more Chinese imports to worry about. Japan’s Honda is about to start exporting its Jazz model which is built in China and 10,000 of them will be made this year exclusively for export to Europe.